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Highlander Most Wanted (Paperback)

Nhà cung cấp: Random House USA Inc
Loại: Foreign Books
Mã SP: 9780345533241

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Mã hàng: 9780345533241
Nhà xuất bản: Random House USA Inc
Tác giả: Maya Banks
Số trang: 352
Trọng lượng: 185 g
Kích thước: 174 x 108 x 27 mm

Bowen Montgomery is a handsome and legendary warrior, sought after by legions of women. The second-born son in his family, he's content to remain second in command to his brother Graeme. But with the forced peace between the Armstrongs and Montgomerys that was wrought by Graeme's marriage to Eveline, things aren't as tense as they've been in the past. Not that Bowen is in any hurry to settle down and think of things like marriage. That is until he meets a brooding and reclusive woman who inexplicable catches his eye. Intrigued by the unusual beauty, Bowen begins to woo her with all the tenderness he has. But to his surprise, the remarkable woman who has captured his heart is even more reluctant to marry than he had ever been...

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