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Oxford Wordpower Dictionary Pack (with CD-ROM) 4Ed

Nhà cung cấp: Oxford University Press
Loại bìa: Bìa Mềm
Mã SP: 9780194398237
285,300₫ 317,000₫

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Mã hàng: 9780194398237
Nhà xuất bản: Oxford University Press UK
Tác giả: Oxford University Press UK
Số trang: SoTrang
Trọng lượng: 830
Kích thước: 14x20

Oxford Wordpower Dictionary Pack (with CD-ROM) 4Ed

Radically revised and updated, the 'Oxford Wordpower Dictionary' is full of helpful new features to assist intermediate and upper-intermediate learners.

- Oxford iWriter provides intermediate students with the help they need to plan, write and review different types of written work

- iGuide, an interactive tutorial, helps you explore dictionary entries

- Search the complete A-Z dictionary

- Use the Genie to look up words when you are online or using a Word document

- Use Wordfinder to discover new words

- Use Topics to view entries by topic heading

- Build vocabulary and prepare for exams with games and exercises

- Access two free online practice tests (PET or FCE) on 

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