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The Japanese Tattoo (Paperback)

Nhà cung cấp: Abbeville Press Inc.,U.S.
Loại: Foreign Books
1,283,400₫ 1,426,000₫

Mã hàng: 9780896597983
Nhà xuất bản: Abbeville Press Inc.
Tác giả: Sandi Fellman
Số trang: 120
Trọng lượng: TrongLuong
Kích thước: 304 x 254 x mm

A crimson fish wrestles a man. A horned demon stares menacingly. These vivid scenes are tattoos, created in pain, incised in the flesh of the Yakuza, Japan's feared secret society of gangsters. They are the visions of the Irezumi, the legendary tattoo artists, who spend years creating living masterpieces. Photographer Sandi Fellman describes this strange and violent world both in her text and in her stunning, large Polaroid photographs.

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