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Combo 3 cuốn Useful Vietnamese for Expats 1,2,3

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Combo 3 cuốn Useful Vietnamese for Expats 1,2,3 gồm 3 cuốn

Useful Vietnamese for Expats - 1

Useful Vietnamese for Expats - 2

Useful Vietnamese for Expats - 3

Currently, there are many international businesses cooperating and operating in Vietnam. Just like Vietnamese workers always need an international language to show their qualifications and capabilities when participating in an interview at a foreign enterprise, for foreigners while living and working in Vietnam. Vietnam also needs to adapt and approach the Vietnamese language.

Why do foreigners need to access Vietnamese language?
– Businesses always need interpreters, but being proactive is always on the list of successful people.

– Language consensus is the basis for positive effects and long-term development

– Avoid misunderstandings in communication, especially in cooperative relationships

– Convenient in exploring Vietnamese culture and tourism.

There are many Vietnamese language courses for foreigners, but not everyone has the time and interest to fully participate in the course. In addition to choosing the 1-to-1 tutoring method, learning a beginner language also needs basic material so that you don't get confused when approaching this language


How can the book Useful Vietnamese for Expats – 1 help you?
- The book lays the foundation

As author Phung Thi My Hanh's experience when writing this book:

“Although there are many supporting materials and textbooks for teaching and learning Vietnamese as a second language, I have noticed that many courses with difficulty levels are accelerated or started with practicing. focus on topics that are not really necessary for foreigners to set foot in Vietnam.”

Realizing this, the book begins with the most basic knowledge, including the alphabet, punctuation, numbers, etc., so that learners can grasp the basic structure of Vietnamese words and then begin to pair them. vocabulary.

– Examples are indispensable in language learning

If you wonder that the book is only filled with boring theoretical knowledge, you can rest assured, because every word or sentence structure in the book is illustrated by close and familiar examples. In addition, making sentences in a conversation will help you understand the nature and use of that vocabulary.

– Easy to learn with illustrations

Just like Vietnamese people learning foreign languages, native speakers of Vietnamese also require perseverance and excitement to achieve high results. One of the things that inspires when learning a language is the closeness and ease of being around. The book provides illustrations for each word or sentence structure in specific situations to help your brain think and remember longer.


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