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Sesame Street - Potty time With Abby

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Mã SP: 9781412777810
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Mã hàng: 9781412777810

Potty Time with Abby Cadabby is an interactive sound book that follows Sesame Street s Abby Cadabby as she learns to use the potty. Seven sound buttons attached to the book s cover help the story come to life. Designed for children ages 18 months and older, this Play-a-Sound book entertains children with a story about Abby practicing to use the potty. As children follow along in the book, they can match the pictures on the pages with the pictures on the sound buttons to play fun sounds, including short tunes, a clock ticking, soap bubbles, and a flushing toilet.

The book tells the story of Abby Cadabby, who loves to play with her friends but has to remember to stop playing when she has to use the potty. When mistakes happen, Abby s mom helps her clean up and wash up. Then Abby can try to use the potty again later. It just takes a little bit of practice. Finally, Abby uses the potty successfully, washes up by herself, and gets to wear her fancy underwear. Abby s success shows children that they can use the potty too.

The book s thick, coated board pages withstand rough handling and spills. Potty Time with Abby Cadabby comes with three replaceable long-life AG-13 batteries and conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963-08.

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